Why 2018 is the Year to Introduce Mobile Giving

Why 2018 is the Year to Introduce Mobile Giving

When you stop to look around a crowded restaurant, park, or church before service starts, you’ll notice a lot of mobile devices out. Even if you don’t see them, chances are they’re tucked away in a pocket or purse. According to Pew Research, over 95% of U.S. adults own a cellphone of some kind, and 77% own a smartphone.

It’s no secret that we’ve grown attached to mobile devices and take them everywhere with us. One of the primary reasons is because they offer a range of conveniences. Keeping up with friends and family, choosing a restaurant, and paying bills can all be done on-the-go.

Mobile phones also let everyone from new visitors to active members connect with the church and give at a moment’s notice. To ensure your church is accessible to the community, it’s essential to have a seamless mobile giving app (and there’s no time like the present to sign up for one!)

Whether your church is considering a mobile giving app, or you want to enhance your current platform, here’s why 2018 is the ideal year to do it.

Last August, mobile giving made up 23.3% of all online gifts

Mobile giving isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s only growing in popularity – and last year showed us that. Mobile gifts increased for the 4th year in a row and made up 21% of all online transactions in 2017. But, the peak for mobile giving last year was in August when 23.3% of all online transactions were made from mobile devices.

With August right around the corner, get ready for those busy months when people want to give – they just need it to be incredibly easy.

A mobile giving app has TONS of benefits

If you worry that a mobile giving app is going to be time-consuming to implement, then think again! Our mobile giving app is incredibly easy to set up and use for both church admin and givers.

There’s a range of benefits for everyone to enjoy.

Giver benefits:

  • Givers can easily manage one-time and recurring gifts from the mobile app.
  • It’s simple to give within seconds when on-the-go.
  • Updating payment methods, gift frequency, and funds is convenient and secure.
  • Staying connected with the church leads to an increase in generosity, participation, and spirituality.

Church admin benefits:

  • Admins save time by accessing custom reports on mobile gifts.
  • Mobile giving options increase tithes because more people are enabled to donate.
  • Recurring gifts are a simple, one-time set up that help ministries financially forecast.
  • Resources are available to help spread the word about mobile giving like social media graphics, posters, bulletin inserts, and more!

On average, 46% of smartphone owners make mobile bill payments

People continue to grow confident with online security and making mobile payments in 2018. In fact, more than 46% of smartphone owners have completed payments over their phones. Of all the age groups, people 30-39 use mobile payments the most.

When rolling out a mobile giving app for the first time (or reintroducing it), highlight online security. Let your church family know that easyTithe is a Level 1 Certified PCI Compliant Service Provider. That means that we conform to the highest standards when it comes to security for your church’s account managers and end users.

By informing people that your church’s mobile app adheres to the most secure standards in the payment card industry, they’re simply more confident (and inspired!) to give.

Sign up for easyTithe’s mobile app and start accepting on-the-go donations! Want to learn more? Feel free to try a demo, call us at 1-888-778-4843 or email sales@easytithe.com.

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