4 Church Management Features that Delight Churchgoers

4 Church Management Features that Delight Churchgoers

Church leaders and admin have no problem staying busy. With over 50% of Americans regularly attending church and new visitors coming and going, it doesn’t take long for efforts to spread thin. That’s why investing in a church management platform is such an important decision.

Your church management platform needs to reduce admin burden, so you have more time to further the church’s mission. Powerful features are key to seamlessly track trends and attendance, stay organized and connected, and efficiently run your ministry.

Did you know that churchgoers also find these features helpful? In fact, some church management features are downright delightful for new visitors and active churchgoers. While easyTithe Plus has powerful features loved by church admin, here’s 4 that delight churchgoers as well.

1. Secure and Convenient Child Check-In

Parents notice and appreciate an easy and secure child check-in (and it can even inspire giving!). Whatever activity they’re participating in at church, parents simply check-in their kids using the mobile app. Churches can also set up welcome stations to seamlessly manage child check-ins and stay connected with parents using tools like SMS.

2. Background Check Capabilities

Protecting your ministry is a vital part of growing it. When you enlist volunteers or hire new staff members, it’s important to know the person is safe and forthcoming about their background. Thorough background screenings check for criminal and sex offenders, address history, and more in the national database. Dashboard features make background checks easy to order, organize and view.

easyTithe Plus comes with an advanced integration with Protect My Ministry so you can have access to full-service background screening, and more control over security through your church management system. Your members will appreciate background checks because they provide a safer environment to worship in.

3. Engagement Technology

Coordinating invitations, classes, and church groups can be a headache for those organizing and attending — that is, when the best systems aren’t in place! Engagement technology lets you create groups and engage members via email, text, and voicemail. You can send out mass messages when it makes sense for your church. When it doesn’t, you can easily manage messages directed at specific groups. This means people get the information they need (and want), rather than getting bombarded with messages they don’t.

4. Advanced Management Tools

Advanced management tools empower the church in many ways. By utilizing our mobile app, admins can track interaction and see giving history. You can import new members and edit current member information on-the-go.

Our cloud-based software moves with your ministry, so you aren’t confined to your office when you need to access data – making it easy to utilize all of the helpful features that make people feel welcome and stay connected with your church.

Find out if easyTithe Plus is right for your church by taking advantage of our 30-day FREE Trial! Call 1-888-778-4843 or email sales@easytithe.com with questions.

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