7 Simple and Effective Changes that Increase Church Giving

7 Simple and Effective Changes that Increase Church Giving

It takes time to grow membership and cultivate relationships that increase giving. While the main focus should always be helping your congregation deepen its relationship with Christ, there comes a time when focusing on developing a culture of generosity is also a necessity. But, even when prioritizing church fundraising and giving growth, the task to encourage generosity can be a challenge.

To help simplify the process, we’ve compiled a list of 7 simple and effective changes that increase church giving. They’re so easy – you can get started today!

1. Incorporate mobile giving

We can’t stress the importance of mobile giving enough. According to GSMA Intelligence, mobile has a greater reach over all other technology.

The uptake of using mobile devices to interact and give to churches is significant. All age groups from Millennials to the Silent Generation are jumping on board. Over 80% of donors say they use a smartphone for donations, to set gift reminders, and for reading the church’s website.

To increase church giving, sign up for easyTithe’s mobile app that makes managing online gifts from anywhere a breeze (for both givers and admin!).

2. Use branded and responsive donation pages

Many churches and faith-based organizations already take advantage of branded donation pages because they see 7 times more giving.

But don’t stop there!

Make sure your donation pages are also responsive for all sized devices from desktops to tablets to smartphones. Responsive donation pages receive 34% more gifts than those that are non-responsive. Plus, they give users the ultimate online giving experience.

3. Start a recurring gift program

People love the convenience of recurring giving because it is a simple, one-time setup.

Recurring givers can easily manage their monthly giving and still take advantage of online features that allow an impromptu gift when inspired. Studies show that recurring monthly givers donate more on a yearly average than other types of givers.

Encourage people to sign up by offering this particular segment of your ministry a little something extra. A monthly newsletter reporting the progress of donations or an annual “Thank You” luncheon featuring a slideshow of what the church has been able to accomplish are just two ideas.

4. Encourage text giving

Text giving is easy and convenient, and it has a 45% read rate. While not everyone is going to prefer giving via text, many people on-the-go find it to be the easiest way to tithe and keep up with donations.

If you aren’t using text giving – it’s time to incorporate it into your online giving options. If you do accept text gifts, make sure you get the word out often so those that prefer this method of giving can take advantage of it.

5. Recognize other charities your church family cares about

Lots of people donate to the church as well as other charities. In fact, 54% give to more than one nonprofit organization. Learn more about the foundations your ministry members are passionate about and try to incorporate these into your giving campaign.

For example, if a large group of your ministry is planning to give to natural disaster victims, organize a church fundraising event for a future mission trip to help those in need. By getting involved in their causes, you nurture the culture of generosity, bring everyone together, and increase giving.

6. Say thank you

A simple thank you goes a long way when it comes to increasing church giving, and there are multiple ways you can do this:

· A handwritten note
· A personal visit to express gratitude
· An invitation to a “Thank You” reception
· An immediate email thanking the donor

Sending prompt thank-you notes within 24 hours to 2 weeks can increase giving from the donor up to 40%. In many cases, the donor increases the amount of the current gift, or they give a second time within the month. For the most impactful results, send the thank you within 48 hours.

7. Update and revive giving campaigns

Giving campaigns are one of the most effective ways to increase church giving, but they can grow stale. While some techniques have proven themselves tried and true for decades, others need to be reevaluated.

Update and revive your giving campaigns throughout the year to appeal to all generations by incorporating technology for outreach and receiving gifts. Hold on to the traditional strategies that yearly analysis shows to be effective.

Reporting features from easyTithe helps organize data, so you gain insight into successful giving campaign techniques and updates that need to be made. We also have a lot of resources designed to help you ignite generosity.

Reach out to our friendly customer support by calling 1-888-778-4843 or emailing sales@easytithe.com, and start increasing giving today!

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