Planning a Church Staff Christmas Party

Planning a Church Staff Christmas Party

Christmas is known as “the most wonderful time of year”, but for church staff, it’s also one of the busiest. While adding a church staff Christmas party to the mix can feel overwhelming, it also can be a great way for your team to step back from the craziness, relax, and celebrate together.

Looking to plan a church staff Christmas party for your team this year? We have these five steps to creating a memorable experience.

5 Steps to Planning a Church Staff Christmas Party 

1. Make your church staff Christmas party fun. 

This isn’t the time to review ministry goals, staff performance, or give feedback. Emphasize this being a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Plan fun activities for everyone to participate in such as a gift exchange or an ugly sweater contest. Put together a slideshow of fun moments from throughout the year. Make sure to highlight photos of your staff participating in the activities. You can even survey people in the planning to find out what they think would be fun to do together.

2. Emphasize appreciation for the past year’s work.

One of the things staff members appreciate most is hearing how their roles have positively impacted an organization. Use this time to show gratitude and appreciation for your staff. Spend the time to think about specific encouragement you can give. Highlight the things your staff does to keep the church running well and discuss ways their role is important in the vision of the church for the upcoming year. 

3. Work on building community and relationships.

Church staff Christmas parties are a great way to build a sense of unity and camaraderie that is vital to a well-run team. December is often one of the busiest months for churches. A team that works well together is crucial. If done right, this staff party can help unite your team and propel them to finish the year strong.

4. Remind people of your vision and mission.

Take this time to remind your staff of the vision of the church. The moments you have your full staff gathered are most likely rare. Use this time to remind people why you exist and the mission you’re on. Not only will this reinforce what you’re celebrating from the past year, but it will also bring your staff together around the year to come.

5. Consider alternative timing for the party. 

We all know this is a busy time of year. There are more events to attend, more things on our plate, and less free time. One way to avoid having your church staff Christmas party feel like “one more thing” is to schedule it for January. The goal of this time is to encourage and celebrate your staff. If this would be more effective in January versus December, feel the freedom to plan the event to happen then.

What now?

It’s tempting to allow other things to take priority and crowd out space for a staff Christmas party. Resist the urge to skip this crucial time. Ministry is difficult and the moments we can take to pause and celebrate and essential. Take time to plan your church staff Christmas party and you will see the investment payoff.

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