How Church Engagement Can Increase Giving

How Church Engagement Can Increase Giving

It’s pretty logical, but usually the less committed somebody is to the church, the less likely they’re going to give tithes and offerings. If people are only showing up once a month, they’re less likely to feel devoted to investing in God’s Kingdom. Not only because they’re not present to hear much about why giving is important, but because they don’t feel invested enough to contribute with their finances. 

When people are more engaged, they’re usually more willing to give. Inspire your people to start participating and get involved. Many pastors say the wallet is the last thing that people surrender, probably because it’s a source of comfort and control. The more your congregation is involved, the more they will grow spiritually. So, most likely, the sooner you can help people feel comfortable with giving of their time and talents, they’ll be more likely to give of their treasure as well.  

Below we’ll talk about a few ways to get your church engaged so they grow in their relationship with God and others. 


When people start building solid relationships within the church, they’re likely to be more consistent in attending. Instead of showing up now and then or once a month, they may attend more frequently because they know people and can engage with them throughout the week and on Sundays. 

Small groups help make the big church feel a little smaller and less intimidating. Even if your church isn’t giant, midweek meetings help people connect on a deeper level, thus allowing them to grow.  
If people are connected in a group and attending more consistently, they may be more consistent in their giving too, because they’ll have a deeper understanding of the impact of the church.  


Offer discipleship and growth classes for new members and those who desire to continue their spiritual education. Many people feel like Sunday sermons just aren’t enough and are hungry to learn more.  

People will feel like they are being invested in and poured into. This will hopefully make them feel more connected and involved and want to give back. Not because they’re getting something out of the church, but because they are flourishing and understanding the importance of a generous heart. 


Often, people will feel more comfortable giving their time and talents before they give their treasure. Being a volunteer at church is a great way for members to offer their time in service to the church and community, and they’ll also be using the gifts God has given them to further the Kingdom of God.  

When they are committed to serving, they’ll meet more people and get even more engaged. If they haven’t yet started giving, there is a good possibility they will start.  

Next Steps 

More than just having someone donate a one-time gift because they happened to show up on a Sunday, you want committed attendees who are growing in their walk with God above all else. As they continue to engage and learn more about themselves, God, and the church, they’ll start giving more consistently.  

easyTithe can help make giving simple. With multiple ways to give, your congregation can help impact your community. And with great features like event registration, you can even encourage your church family to participate in more than just Sunday services.

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