5 Tips to Inspire New Volunteers

5 Tips to Inspire New Volunteers

You don’t hear churches complain they have too many volunteers. Even when backed by a large staff, there’s always more that can be done to accomplish the church’s vision. If anything, there aren’t enough helping hands to fulfill every need. That’s why inspiring new volunteers is crucial.

Volunteers are unique because their generosity extends beyond giving. They donate our most valuable resource—time. While they already give 2x more than an average giver, studies show each hour a volunteer donates is worth $24.70.

Of course, recruiting new volunteers is easier said than done. Begin by applying these actionable tips that are simple and effective.

1. Make it incredibly easy to sign up

Volunteers shouldn’t have to go out of their way to sign up. They also shouldn’t have to fill out an exhaustive or complicated application. Using Forms, you create a seamless sign up experience whether people are using their smartphone, a kiosk, or visiting your church’s website. Build a volunteer form from scratch or use our premade templates.

There’s a range of fields you can drag-and-drop to customize the form based on your goals. Contact, Dropdown, and File Uploads are just to name a few. Once you’ve created the volunteer sign up form, simply embed it on your website and share the link on social media, emails, and other places it makes sense.

2. Clearly communicate your church’s vision

One of the primary reasons new people volunteer is because the church’s vision inspires them. If they don’t have a clear understanding of what your goals are, they may not understand how they’ll make a difference. When recruiting new volunteers, clearly communicate your vision and share the real impact that happens when people donate their time.

3. Follow up with a special thank you

The national volunteer retention rate is 65%—that’s 16% higher than donor retention rates. Increasing retention doesn’t naturally happen without showing gratitude. Thank volunteers often and in a way that genuinely shows your appreciation. People notice when you appreciate volunteers, and it can inspire new people to sign up.  

4. Understand the expectations of volunteers

Volunteers expect their time will be valued, and that they’ll spend it serving a purpose. They want to be treated as more than a warm body to fill an open position. They also expect to be trained and given proper instructions to complete the job at hand. 

If they’re tasked with setting up a welcome station, and a staff member goes behind them and changes everything, they won’t leave with a good feeling. People considering volunteering will notice this, and it can deter them from signing up.

5. Implement a recruitment process

If you don’t have a process to recruit new volunteers, it’s time to create one. Roughly 25% of people that consider volunteering never do because they weren’t asked. Others don’t sign up because they fear the time commitment, don’t feel qualified, or they think it’s too difficult to get involved. With a recruitment process in place, you minimize uncertainties because you’re routinely communicating what it’s really like to volunteer. 

Learn more about easyTithe’s tools (like Forms) that make it incredibly easy for new volunteers to sign up! Call 1-888-778-4843 today or email sales@easytithe.com.

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February 11th, 2020



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