7 Tips for More Effective Fund Management

7 Tips for More Effective Fund Management

As a church leader, you understand the important role that giving plays in a church. The ministry wouldn’t be able to function as effectively if nobody gave of their time, talent, and treasure.  

Giving in general is a great thing, but when people can get behind a certain project or campaign, they’re more likely to contribute financially. A critical aspect of seeing more success in generosity is fund management—directing donations to a specific fund or campaign. A person might want to specifically support the youth ministry or a mission trip. Having a designated fund where they know where their money is going can help encourage donations.

Here are tips for more effective fund management: 

  1. Add New Funds
    In order be effective in your fund management, you need different designations. Aside from the general fund, create new fund categories on your giving page, like a worship ministry fund, a new building fund, or a campus specific fund. With easyTithe, you can create an unlimited number of designations, so the options are endless.  
  1. Edit Existing Funds
    If you already have designated funds, make sure you’re keeping up with them. Edit them as needed, delete the ones that are seasonal, and change them out if they’re not working. 
  1. Order of Funds Listed
    Order matters. You’ll want to place the important funds at the top, because that’s what givers will see first and be more likely to choose, rather than scroll through a big list. Or, if your church is hosting a new giving campaign, highlight that one at the beginning. You’ll also want to track how each fund is performing and remove any that aren’t working.  
  1. Communicate Campaigns 
    Giving campaigns can help spark generosity. Having a giving campaign that highlights a specific project or goal, particularly ones that will serve others, can encourage people to see the bigger picture and inspire them to donate. Be sure that these campaigns are being mentioned from the platform, explain what the money would be used for, and how this campaign will make an impact. 
  1. Share Updates 
    Send communication and thank donors of specific funds. Share how the specific campaign or ministry is doing. This can encourage more giving because people see how their gift is being used and the ways their money is making a difference. 
  1. Recurring Giving to Specific Funds
    Setting up recurring giving is important because many people like to not have to worry about remembering to give every week (or however frequently they donate). You can set up recurring giving to a specific fund category so that congregants can give to that designation on a regular basis. For example, if a person is serving as a youth leader, they may feel passionate about frequently giving to the youth ministry. 
  1. Regularly Check which Funds are Performing Well
    Like we mentioned earlier, be sure to periodically examine how your funds are performing. Then consider deleting, renaming, or updating the ones that aren’t.  

Providing simple solutions for your members and guests to give is important. easyTithe makes online giving and fund management uncomplicated. Get started with integrating fund management into your online giving by clicking here.

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