7 Actionable Ways to Inspire Consistent Giving

7 Actionable Ways to Inspire Consistent Giving

Donations are crucial for churches to fund their vision. But, it’s challenging to budget and plan for future missions when gifts are sporadic. That’s why healthy and growing churches focus on consistent giving. When people schedule recurring gifts, donate on a routine basis, and give to specific funds consistently, the church can better forecast and be even more impactful. Here we look at 7 actionable ways to inspire consistent giving and grow your church.

1. Start a recurring giving program

Scheduled donations are one of the best ways to increase giving. People choose the frequency of the gift such as weekly or monthly, the amount, and the preferred payment method. Then, the gift is automatically deducted on a recurring basis.

Go a step further than just encouraging people to sign up for recurring giving. Make it a special program, so you engage more people to join. Consider an annual luncheon or a monthly newsletter for recurring givers where you share the impact of their donations.

2. Provide multiple ways to give

Only 11% of people prefer using cash, and nearly half of those that do carry cash have less than $20 on them. That’s why it’s so important you provide multiple ways to give. People are more likely to donate consistently when their preferred payment method is accepted.

For some, it’s easier to give on your website using a debit card or eCheck as they pay bills. Others prefer giving on-the-go using a mobile app and their credit card, and younger generations like the convenience of donating via text. Giving kiosks are an excellent solution for those that want to give during church but forgot cash. Plus, with easyTithe’s reporting features and integrations, tracking and managing gifts from the different ways to give online is simple.

3. Be consistent in your messaging

Talking about money is difficult for many church leaders, but it’s important to do it often if your goal is to create consistent givers. Share the different ways people can give at every service and take the time to show them how to set up an online giving account.

Don’t gloss over the offering part of service or say the same thing every time. People tend to tune out the message if it’s too repetitive. Change it up to keep the message fresh and inspiring.

4. Share real examples of how giving impacts lives

People are more inspired to give consistently when they can see the impact their gifts make. Share real examples of how recurring generosity touches lives in your community and around the globe. Use pictures, videos, and tell engaging stories, so donors experience the results even if they weren’t there. By doing this, you show people that giving matters beyond spiritual growth and a feeling of obligation. It makes a real difference in everyday lives.

5. Provide financial help through classes

One great way to encourage consistent giving is to host financial classes at the church. Many people that come to church are struggling financially. By educating them with professional advice, they’ll see that with a few smart adjustments to their budget, they can donate on a regular basis. Not only do these classes taught by experts help active churchgoers, but they also bring people in the community to the church who have never visited before.

6. Thank consistent givers often

Did you know 91% of organizations stop acknowledging recurring gifts by the 3rd month? While people don’t give to the church to be thanked, showing gratitude for consistent contributions goes a long way. When you send a quality and heartfelt thank-you note, 41% of people are more likely to donate again, and 24% increase their current donation before the year is over.

7. Engage with givers beyond Sunday

Make sure you’re reaching out to your congregation beyond Sunday. With online giving tools, church apps, websites, and social media, you can engage with donors every day of the week.

Use push notifications for fundraisers that need immediate attention like when a natural disaster occurs in your area. Send emails inviting people to Sunday’s service if they haven’t been in a while and keep everyone informed about prayer requests. Let people know that even when they’re not in church, they can still make a difference.

Inspire consistent giving at your church with easyTithe’s online giving tools and our church success coaches! Call 1-888-788-4843 or email sales@easytithe.com to learn more.

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