Our Top 5 Blog Posts for an Impactful Easter Service

Our Top 5 Blog Posts for an Impactful Easter Service

Easter is the #1 day for church attendance. In a survey, 96% of churches reported that they nearly double (if not triple) in crowd size. Because of this significant increase, there’s simply more to prepare for and do. To help, we’ve listed our top 5 blog posts filled with best practices and helpful tips that make Easter impactful for guests and organized for church leaders and staff.

#1: Your 10-Step Checklist for Welcoming Visitors this Easter

Over 50% of people in the U.S. plan to attend church on Easter. Many of those either haven’t been to your church before or they haven’t visited in quite some time. This 10-step checklist takes you from the moment visitors pull in the parking lot to following up the next day.

If you want more tips on welcoming visitors, check out the article 5 Creative Ways to Welcome Visitors to Church.

#2: Encourage Easter Volunteers by Following These 5 Tips

Volunteers are crucial to the experience new guests have at your church—especially on high attendance days! To ensure everyone is guided and greeted by a friendly face on Easter, you’ll need to increase your number of volunteers. Here are 5 solid tips to get more volunteers to sign up for your Easter celebration and other popular services.

Want even more ways to increase volunteer sign-ups all year round? Check out A Quick Guide to Inspire Volunteers.

#3: How to Increase Church Attendance this Easter (and every Sunday!)

People search for the word “church” around Easter more than any other time of the year. That’s because those that don’t usually attend service are looking for a place to celebrate Easter. This article shows you how to get the word out about your church while more people are searching for places of worship.

#4: 5 Best Practices for Planning a Successful Easter Service

Carefully planning for Easter service is essential to staying organized, so you don’t miss those little details that are most impactful for guests. This post looks at the best practices for church leaders, administrators, staff, and volunteers to clearly communicate and prepare for the uptick in attendance.

#5: A Last-Minute Checklist to Prepare for Easter

With so much to do on Easter, checklists are vital! Use this last-minute list to check off those to-do boxes, so you don’t miss a beat. You can customize the checklist by adding other tasks to it based on your church’s needs or leave it just the way it is. Either way, you’ll be better prepared when your doors open!

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