The Ultimate Communication Timeline for #GivingTuesday

The Ultimate Communication Timeline for #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday kicks off the season of generosity, and it’s on November 27th! While it’s only a single day, the impact is momentous. The first #GivingTuesday was in 2012 and raised over $10.1 million online. In 2017, over $274 million was raised, and this year giving is expected to increase by 21%.

The key to making the biggest impact on this global day of giving is communication. #GivingTuesday is different from other outreach events and generosity campaigns because social media and digital donations fuel it. For churches, it’s on a Tuesday, so unless you have a live event planned, all of your campaigning efforts will be focused online.

In order to help, here are some tips and a communication timeline to use before, during, and after #GivingTuesday.

A communication checklist leading up to #GivingTuesday

Leading up to the big day, there are a few areas to focus on so that communication runs smoothly.

  • Get all your images, videos, and messages organized to send out on social media
  • Let everyone know your church is participating in #GivingTuesday and the charitable causes you’re raising funds for
  • Create a #GivingTuesday donation page
  • Share images of your church celebrating generosity and highlight the work you’ve done over the year

A communication timeline for November 27th

When reaching out to your church family on #GivingTuesday, use the following timeline to guide you.


Send out your initial email to donors announcing that your campaign has officially launched and provide them links to your donation form. Make sure your campaign is visible on your website and start sending out social media updates to followers.

Send out social posts with a link to a blog post or case study that tell people more about what your church is doing.


Send out a status update via email and social media at the midpoint of the day and let donors know where you’re at in reaching your goal. In your email, include an emotional appeal in the message such as a testimonial video or a link to a blog post.

Give a second status update through social media.

Post a photo or video of your mission in action on social media.


Give a third status update through social media.

Send a final appeal via email to get any last-minute donations before the clock strikes 12! It may seem that you’re communicating too much, but in truth, your donors want to help you reach your goal and are interested in knowing your progress. And, if they know exactly what dollar amount you’re trying to reach, they will push to get your message out to other people in their social circles.

Send out your last updates via social media and make sure to include a sense of urgency and let them know exactly how much more you need to make your goal. If you already made your goal, encourage people to help you smash that goal and raise even more!

Follow up communication tips

After the day is over, it’s time to thank givers. The sooner you do this—the better! Let everyone know how close you made it to your goal or how much you exceeded it. Share specific examples of how their gift will impact the lives of others. Remember, when you send personalized and heartfelt thank you messages to givers, 41% are more likely to donate again.

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