How to Increase Church Attendance this Easter (and every Sunday!)

How to Increase Church Attendance this Easter (and every Sunday!)

Easter is fast approaching! And 93% of church leaders report they see up to 2X as many people attend on Easter versus a normal Sunday service. In fact, six out of ten people plan on celebrating Easter at church compared to the usual four out of ten that attend services on a regular basis. But, just because Easter naturally inspires an increase in attendance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make additional efforts to encourage people to visit your church. Even if you’re strapped for time, applying a few of the simple tips below can help boost your church attendance on Easter, and every Sunday for that matter!

Start monitoring attendance now

In the weeks before Easter, start monitoring your church’s attendance. There are a few different methods to do this. While you count heads as people walk in to get an attendance number, it’s better to get the actual names of those in the seats.

Sign-in books at the door and attendance cards in the pews have been used in the past. But for easier tracking, check-in stations with giving kiosks that allow members to sign-in (as well as tithe) are ideal for Easter. Simply create a Sunday service event for attendees to click on to capture their information. Have greeters at the door to guide and prompt guests to check-in to ensure you get an accurate count.

Encourage active church members to bring a guest

Only 31% of active churchgoers plan to invite an unchurched guest to join them for a service. This year, encourage ministry members to extend an invitation to a neighbor, co-worker, family member, or another person in their lives that doesn’t have a place of worship on Easter. Give them access to church invitations and other tools to help with their efforts.

Update your church’s website

People are going to be searching for a place of worship on Easter. Often, the first place they’ll look is online. Make sure your website is updated with accurate information about your service times, location, and events. Also, try using branded donation pages that highlight your ministry.

Dedicate a service focused on why attendance is so important

Only 2 in 10 people feel that church attendance is important. Studies show that dedicating one to two services a year focused on attendance can increase membership by 3%. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to do this because people are still inspired to create and keep New Year’s resolutions. Before Easter, or even during a small part of your Easter sermon, focus on the importance of attendance and how it can elevate one’s connection with God.

Use social media to get the word out about Easter Service

Did you know that 58% of adults use Facebook, and 64% look at their feed daily? This gives the church an excellent opportunity to get the word out about Easter service. Create a few different posts that are dedicated to promoting your Easter celebration. Then incorporate them into your upcoming week’s posting schedule.

Send text reminders throughout the week

The week before Easter, send text messages reminding members about this special church service to keep it fresh in their minds. While you don’t want to bombard them too many texts, you’ll find that two or three uplifting messages can inspire an uptick in attendance.

Involve greeters to welcome newcomers

As you’re planning your ministry’s Easter celebration, include greeters to guide and welcome newcomers. The more comfortable you make visitors, the more likely they are to return. While you should have a plan in place to greet visitors every Sunday, Easter is especially vital due to the significant increase in guests.

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