A Last-Minute Checklist to Prepare for Easter

A Last-Minute Checklist to Prepare for Easter

Whether you’ve been planning the church’s Easter celebration for months or you’re just now starting, you’ve still got time to check those boxes off your list. And we’re here to make it a little easier! Everything on the last-minute checklist to prepare for Easter can be done 1-2 weeks before the big day. And if you’re really cutting it down to the wire, you can do most tasks within the few days before the celebration.

Treat this list as a starting point to add other tasks too, or you can follow it exactly as written to prepare for Easter. Either way, it will help you stay organized and serve as a friendly reminder of what needs to be done before welcoming guests to your church.

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Send invitations

A lot of people are going to remain indecisive about going to church (or what church to attend) until a few days before Easter. An invitation sent closer to the actual event, or even the day before can be encouraging. Utilize tools like social media, email, and your website to quickly get the word out. Creating flyers, mailing letters, and other manual tasks can be time-consuming and may not reach people in time.

Update your website and add ways to give

Update your website with current information and make sure you’re ready for online donations. If you want to incorporate giving kiosks or a mobile app, get that done right away. Having multiple giving options for people allows them to give more conveniently during this inspirational time!

Do a walk-through of the service

If you have a special event such as a play, guest speakers, or other changes in the normal routine of your service, schedule a dry run with everyone. Even simple things like knowing where to stand and the time it takes to transition from one activity to another can make a difference in how everything flows.

You should plan this a day or two before the service. This timeframe allows volunteers to set up as much as possible and get more familiar with the area they’ll be working in. Trust you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need. And if you don’t, you can still make a final run for last minute items.

Clean and decorate

Take the time to clean the church, stock the bathrooms, and make sure everything looks tidy for guests. A clean church makes a lasting impression. Plus, it helps your day run smoother because you won’t be spending unnecessary time restocking areas that could have been replenished beforehand or searching for extra chairs through the clutter. Also, take a little time to decorate the church for Easter. Even a few fresh flowers can go a long way to enhance the ambiance.

Check the weather

With Easter comes many outdoor events like Easter egg hunts and picnics, so make sure you’ve checked the weather. If there’s a chance of rain, create a contingency plan to move activities indoors. And give everyone a clear role in the plan because you may have to break down and set up quickly if the weather comes in faster than anticipated!

Plan for overflow

Just like having a plan for weather, you should have one for overflow. It’s better to be overprepared than underprepared when it comes to greeting new guests. Be ready for more attendees to show up than expected by having extra chairs, food, and welcome packets ready.

Organize your follow-up system

Don’t wait until after Easter to think about how you’re going to follow-up with guests. Organize a system now, so you can sit down in the following days and easily send thank you notes. People are more likely to attend another Sunday service when they feel appreciated. But, the thank you needs be right after the event while it’s still fresh on their mind.

Want more helpful resources for Easter? Check out our post 5 Best Practices for Planning a Successful Easter Service. And don’t forget to grab your free copy of the 2018 Easter Visitor Welcome Kit! You can also get access to convenient online giving tools and easy-to-use reporting features to help make your Easter service a success.

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