Can Your Church’s Online Giving Reports Impact Donations?

Can Your Church’s Online Giving Reports Impact Donations?

Whether your church is new to online giving or you’re switching providers, robust reporting features are a must! Reports are crucial because they reduce admin burden, keep your church better organized, and help you complete daily tasks faster. But, did you know they do so much more than that?

With the powerful reporting features that come with every easyTithe plan, you get a bird’s eye view of giving and can better identify giving trends that help increase donations. Plus, our system alerts donors when their credit card is about to expire and provides other safeguards to ensure your church doesn’t miss out on gifts.

Ready to learn more? Check out How easyTithe’s Online Giving Helps You Create Valuable Reports!

In this quick read, we share:

  • Church Management Software easyTithe integrates with
  • Standard reports you can run daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Giving data you can access from the Dashboard like average donation size
  • Customized reports you can run (that are already graphed for you)
  • More features that help you identify giving patterns and increase gifts!

Get an insider’s look at reporting features by taking our online giving platform for a test drive. Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial! You can also view our demo to learn more.

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