The Secret to Increase Overall Giving by 32%

The Secret to Increase Overall Giving by 32%

Sometimes it feels like there’s a secret formula to increase giving for the church, and no one has told you what it is yet. The truth is, it’s not the big secret that you think! When you add multiple ways for people to give online, you simply inspire a culture of generosity because people can give anywhere, anytime they’re inspired—not just during church services and outreach events.

Your next step is to check out How to Give with easyTithe and learn:

  • The simple steps to give via text message and mobile app
  • The seamless online giving experience donors have when using branded donations pages on your church’s website
  • Plus, access other helpful resources!

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Once you’ve checked out how our online giving platform works, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our FREE 30-day trial and see the increase in giving for yourself risk-free!

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