4 Online Giving Tools that Ignite Generosity during Easter

4 Online Giving Tools that Ignite Generosity during Easter

Easter has a way of leading people back to the church and renewing spirituality. And with larger crowds coming out to celebrate, churches have a lot on their to-do list! But, as you make plans this Easter don’t forget to incorporate convenient online giving tools that help ignite generosity.

Online giving exceeded expectations and grew 12.1% last year, and people gave across multiple devices. Throughout Easter, everyone, from newcomers to active churchgoers, is inspired to give, and you never know when the feeling will strike and how they prefer to donate.

To ensure your congregation can give at a moment of inspiration, here are 4 online giving tools that go above and beyond to make giving convenient.

1. Text Giving

One in ten people that give do so via text message. While this might not sound like a number that makes the needle move, the average size of a text donation is $107. Over time, this can make a significant impact on the church’s mission.

Tithers that use text giving love it because it’s fast and secure. Ministries appreciate text donations because messages are quick to send, and gifts are easy to receive. And they’re integrated into the reporting system – making them convenient to track.

2. Giving kiosks

Giving kiosks are simple to display around the church at sign-in stations and welcome centers. You can manage multiple campaigns, capture contact information, use them for volunteers to sign up, and much more.

These are convenient every Sunday, but especially on Easter when you’re going to have more people inspired to give. If you’re expanding your welcome center for the celebration, incorporate additional giving kiosks to ensure foot traffic flows smoothly through the area.

3. Mobile Giving

Over one-fifth of online donations are made on mobile devices – and that’s not hard to believe because it seems like everyone has a smartphone in their hand! A mobile giving app is great because people can give wherever they are.

Remember, churchgoers will be focused on the Easter service, being at a new church, or greeting guests, and it can slip their mind to tithe. With the mobile giving app, they can donate directly from their phone when inspiration hits whether they are sitting in the church or making dinner at home.

4. Facebook Giving App

Even if you have a website, a lot of people go straight to social media for information these days. By integrating a Facebook giving app with your church’s page, people can give straight from their Facebook account. Think about this, on #GivingTuesday, 29% of all mobile donations came from Facebook.

Leading up to Easter, post about the causes the church is raising money for and anything special you have planned for the celebration. Stay engaged with people that comment, like, and share your posts, and encourage your church family to try the Facebook app.

Are your ready for online giving this Easter? Gain access to easyTithe’s convenient online giving tools that help ignite generosity! Call 1-888-778-4843 or email us at sales@easytithe.com with questions.

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