How to Retain Donors When Switching Online Giving Platforms

How to Retain Donors When Switching Online Giving Platforms

If your church recently switched online giving platforms (or you’re considering it), retaining donors will be at the front of your mind. You don’t want to lose a single giver as you transition from the old platform to the new one. Even though donor retention is a concern for churches, they also know that a better online giving solution is essential for growth and more impactful in the long run.

The goal is to transition givers thoughtfully and thoroughly. By doing this, you not only retain donors, but you also inspire first-time gifts. Here are a few tips to follow, so your church successfully transitions all your givers.

Inform your church early and often

When switching giving platforms, prepare your church. Tell them you plan to switch and the date of the live launch. Also, let them know why you’ve made this decision whether it’s for a better user experience, to save administrators time, or other reasons. By creating a buzz and keeping everyone informed, current donors aren’t caught off guard, and those who haven’t given before are more inclined to do so.

Purposefully plan your live launch

Once the big day arrives to launch the new giving platform, announce it live in-service. Don’t just tell donors—show them the steps to set up a new giving account via text, mobile app, and on your website. Make sure those working at welcome stations are prepared to answer questions and help those that need assistance. Also, plan events like a meet-and-greet after service to encourage givers to use the new platform.

Of course, you won’t be completing the switch in one day. Most churches take 6 weeks to 2 months to transition from one platform to another. This gives you time to engage with all your donors about the new way to give. While phasing out your old provider, take down their giving buttons and donation pages on your site, so only the new links are available.

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Continually follow up with your congregation

After the live launch, continue to follow up in-service every Sunday for at least 6 weeks. Also, send reminder emails and list the steps to donate in bulletins. Let people know on your website that you’ve switched online giving providers and guide them to tithe using the new platform.

Speak with engagement coaches

Speak with engagement coaches to help you through the transition. At easyTithe, our coaches are available for one-on-one calls and provide customizable email templates, slides, and more to help you inform your congregation. These materials simplify the process for church leaders and administrators, so you retain donors and inspire new gifts.

Know what to expect

When you know what to expect during each phase of the transition, your church will be better prepared. Learn more about transitioning to a new platform by enrolling in our free course How to Switch Online Giving Platforms. It comes with 3 lessons (and a bonus lesson!), email templates, and shows you step-by-step what it’s like before, during, and after the transition.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about switching to easyTithe. Simply call 1-888-778-4843 or email

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