How to Inspire the Different Types of Giving Personalities

How to Inspire the Different Types of Giving Personalities

Churches everywhere are preparing for the increase in generosity around the holidays. Last year, 25% of overall giving for faith-based organizations happened in November and December, and online giving grew in December for the second year in a row. Because there is such a significant rise in giving this time of year, many start searching for ways to heighten their generosity campaign.One area that often leads to a noticeable boost in donations (and is often overlooked) is focusing on the different types of giving personalities.

To further your year-end efforts, here is a little information to help you identify the different kinds of church givers and what inspires them.

The giving personalities

Just as our spiritual journey with God is unique from one another, so is the way we show our generosity. These are the 6 basic kinds of givers and trust that over time, you’ll discover even more types of giving personalities within the church.

Mindful givers

About 15% of church members identify as mindful givers. While they enjoy the act of giving, they do carefully consider their current income and the cause behind the gift. To successfully reach them, make sure you define a clear purpose of giving because they want to give, but they also want to ensure the gift is going to a cause that spiritually connects with them.

When reaching out to mindful givers, provide a few specific donation options so they can choose the purpose that speaks to them. For instance, let them know you are raising money for a mission trip to help rebuild homes for hurricane victims, a van to transport kids to summer youth programs, and a new heating and cooling system for the church, and ask which purpose they would like to see their money go towards.

Recurring givers

Approximately 12% of people are recurring givers, and they donate 42% more per year than one-time givers. They are loyal to the church and focused on convenience, so they can enjoy taking part in each service and event without having to think about money.

Make sure you keep this group informed about online giving tools for recurring giving and encourage others to take advantage of this convenient way to donate.

Occasional givers

Roughly 20% of people identify as an occasional giver. The occasional giver tends to donate to the church out of obligation and isn’t going to seek out an opportunity to give. To connect with this group, you must be straightforward when asking for a donation and provide them with actual numbers to help them gain a better perspective of why their gift is essential.

For example, let them know that the church is trying to raise $5,000 for a new roof and the money goes towards the contractor and supplies. When they see the completed project, they gain a more profound connection to give, and this can lead to future donations.

Venture givers

About 5% of donors are considered venture givers. They are looking for a worthy cause to support while keeping personal and/or business financial benefits in mind.

Many venture givers donate one substantial gift at the end of the year so be sure you highlight that you gladly give tax receipts when reaching out. Ask this group to sponsor church functions because they are delighted to get their name out there within the community.

Hesitant givers

The hesitant giver often makes up around 45% of givers, and they are the hardest to inspire. They get slightly annoyed and sometimes offended when asked for a donation. There are different reasons why this group is the most difficult to reach, such as not having mentors in their lives that taught them the importance of giving or not being comfortable talking with others about money.

The best practice when inspiring this group is to ease them into the idea of giving by engaging with them at the front end of an event or project. You could begin by asking them to volunteer, so they see firsthand the other church members that find joy in giving and the spiritual purpose behind it.

Devoted givers

Devoted givers are the most dedicated givers, and rarely have to be asked to donate. Only about 5% of people identify with this group, and they take a very different perspective from the other giving personalities. They already have a clear purpose in giving back to God what He has given them, and they take great joy in the act.

Inspire this group by keeping them informed of church events because if they don’t donate, it’s often due to the fact they didn’t know you had a project that required their generosity.

The next step to increase church giving

Now that you’ve identified the different types of church givers and how to inspire them, there is a vital step to take to increase church giving (no matter which group you’re trying to reach).

Convenience is essential, and tools like mobile church giving apps, kiosks, Facebook apps, and customized website forms for specific donations appeal to all types of givers and ages. While some givers prefer text-to-give so they can donate on the go, others may want to present the gift during an inspiring service via a kiosk. You can’t count on people to have cash on them, so make sure you have secure options for credit and debit cards.

easyTithe is here to help you increase church giving, and we welcome you to reach out and learn more about all of our available features! Simply call 1-888-778-4843 or email at with any questions.

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