5 Online Giving Features from easyTithe You May Not Be Using (but should!)

5 Online Giving Features from easyTithe You May Not Be Using (but should!)

The most charitable season is right around the corner, and it’s the ideal time for churches and faith-based groups to enhance their online giving campaigns. Online giving grew by 7.9% last year, and the rise in generosity has already been noticed in 2017. To make giving simple and convenient, easyTithe provides a range of online giving products from mobile apps to data tracking. But, even if you think you’re using all of the online giving features for church fundraising success, there may be a few getting overlooked.

Here we check out 5 of the features you may not be taking advantage of from easyTithe, and how you can incorporate them into your giving campaign.

1. Facebook app integration

According to a 2017 survey, social media is the best way to inspire younger generations to give. While other methods are still effective such as text giving and websites, 43% of Millennials prefer to be reached and to give via social media versus all other platforms.

The easyTithe Facebook App helps you extend your message to a younger audience, and allows donors to give from their own Facebook account to yours. But don’t think you’ll only be reaching Millennials because 24% of Gen Xers and 21% of Baby Boomers also primarily look to social media for inspiration and giving options.

2. Unlimited campaigns

If you want to see an increase in giving, don’t limit the number of generosity campaigns you have running at one time. The unlimited funds feature helps you stay organized so that you can run multiple campaigns seamlessly. The giving application is easy to customize to your needs so you can raise money for a mission trip while simultaneously raising funds for a roofing repair. Allowing people to choose the cause that means most to them inspires more giving, and provides them with a defined purpose behind the donation.

3. Giving kiosks

Utilizing giving kiosks at special events and for Sunday services moves you closer to your goals. People are often inspired to give in the moment, but that doesn’t always mean they have cash on hand. When it comes to payment methods, only 11% prefer to use cash while 40% selected credits cards and 35% use debit cards. Try incorporating giving kiosks in locations that are easily accessible so donors can give whenever generosity strikes.

4. Branded donation pages

A branded website donation form is proven to be significantly more successful than an unbranded form, and it’s no surprise. Donors are more confident giving online when they see your church’s brand showing through rather than being directed to a third-party interface that they’re not familiar with. Through the Form Manager, easyTithe enables you to create unlimited custom forms that can be embedded directly on your website. You’ve worked hard to create the foundation for your church, and branded donations pages are a great way to bring your campaigns together beautifully.

5. Reporting tools

To make the most of your online giving campaigns and to heighten your daily efforts, take advantage of our reporting tools. Simply access these through your easyTithe control panel and choose the reports that make sense for your church. These are fun to use because they are easy to read and customizable based on your needs. We give you control over reporting, so you get the data you need. No more muddling through reports you won’t use!

Want to learn more about these great features and more from easyTithe? Reach out today by calling 1-888-778-4843 or email us at sales@easytithe.com.

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