2018 Online Giving Trends and Tips for the Church

2018 Online Giving Trends and Tips for the Church

Over the years, churches across the country have experienced first-hand the increase in online giving. And this year, the trend continues to rise in popularity. Not only did we see 12.1% overall growth for online giving in 2017; January started the new year off with a 16.4% online giving increase for faith-based organizations. Of course, we know that your church’s mission isn’t based on percentages and statistics. But, awareness of online giving trends can enhance generosity campaigns and increase tithes. This allows you to enable the mission of the church in ways you never thought possible. To help, we’ve created a list of online giving trends and tips for the church that is essential to growing your ministry.

Faith-based nonprofits increased online giving 18.1% YoY

Last year, online giving increased the most for faith-based organizations versus all other nonprofit sectors. One reason is that 8 in 10 people carry less than $50 cash on them. Another reason is the sheer convenience of online giving features. People gave using a range of devices from desktops to smartphones, and they didn’t have to wait until Sunday service to tithe.

To make the most of online giving, provide multiple ways for people to donate like giving kiosks, a mobile app, text giving, and a Facebook app. Trust that these features don’t compete with other gift options such as cash, check, and the branded donation page on your website. They only compliment the alternatives and give churchgoers a more convenient giving experience.

Over 21% of online gifts were made on mobile devices

Donating to the church via mobile devices isn’t just for Millennials! People of all ages appreciate how convenient it is to give on a phone because they’re easy to grab when inspiration strikes. In fact, 91% of adults own a smartphone. The key takeaway is to have a mobile app ready for your next generosity campaign and to remind churchgoers that this option is available 24/7.

The average online donation amount is $132

If your church is on the fence about gaining access to online giving features, you should know that the average gift is $132. This is important because many people want to donate a significant amount each week or month to the church, but if they forget to bring enough cash, then they give less than initially intended. Also, when a service inspires churchgoers to give more than usual, if they didn’t prepare with extra cash or blank check, the moment of generosity could slip by.

With online giving features in place like giving kiosks and branded donation pages, everyone has a chance to give beyond what they have in their wallet at the time.

Online giving grew for churches of all sizes in 2017

Before you think these giving statistics don’t apply to your church because of its size, think again! Online giving increased for ministries and nonprofits of all sizes. And small organizations saw the most substantial increase of online gifts at 13.9%. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium, or large ministry – online giving is up! Now is the ideal time to gain access to online giving tools with features that are cost-effective and simple to use.

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