How to Maximize Text Giving

How to Maximize Text Giving

When your church wants an effective way to send and receive messages, look no further than texting. According to Pew Research, texting is the most frequently used app on a cell phone. In fact, 97% of Americans use it once a day (at the very least!).

With a 45% response rate, churches have an incredible opportunity to engage with more givers via text. Not only can ministries communicate with their church family using text messages, but you can accept gifts that help further your mission.

The first step is to implement text giving. If your church already offers this convenient way of tithing, then it’s time to maximize it! To help, here are a few easy ways to maximize text giving and enable your church to give whenever they’re inspired from wherever they are.

Create visuals designed to educate your church on text giving

Did you know 65% of people are visual learners? While verbal information does make an impact, it’s also important to show givers how to sign up and use text giving. If you play a weekly slideshow before service starts with reminders and upcoming events, add a slide dedicated to text giving.

Share the simple, one-time setup and giving number on social media and your website. Pair the text with images or videos that walk people through each step. Add the visuals to flyers, handouts, and welcome packets. Get your whole team involved, so when asked about how to use text giving, they can pull out their own phone and show the steps.

Send text messages highlighting current generosity campaigns

From time to time, send friendly text messages highlighting the church’s generosity campaigns and current funds. Often, givers get distracted by daily life and something as simple as a text can re-connect them with the ministry.

Even sending one inspiring text a month can make a significant impact on your church’s mission. Ninety percent of texts are read within 3 minutes, and generosity can be ignited within seconds of receiving the message. By offering a way to give then and there when inspiration strikes, you’ll engage with ALL of your church family – not just those at Sunday’s service.

Gear text giving towards all generations

If you haven’t added or tried to optimize text giving because you think only younger generations will participate – think again! Seventy-eight percent of people over 65 own a cell phone and use it for texting and talking. When forgetting cash or check, a cell phone is an excellent go-to for all generations that want to tithe.

Remember, some people quickly take to text giving while others slowly catch on. By continuing your efforts and exposing your church to this convenient way to tithe, you’ll notice more and more churchgoers taking advantage of it at Sunday services and when on-the-go.

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