Grow Your Church this Summer with these 4 Tips!

Grow Your Church this Summer with these 4 Tips!

It’s no secret summer is a challenge for churches. With attendance declining an average of 34% in July, growing your ministry can feel like an impossible undertaking. Churchgoers are all over the place and distracted by everything from vacations to home improvement projects. Unfortunately, the empty seats often result in fewer gifts this time of year as well. But, don’t throw in the towel!

If you want to grow your church this summer, there are some effective (and simple!) ways to make it happen. To help, we’ve hand-picked 4 need-to-know tips that inspire participation and increase retention rates.

1. Expand your church’s online presence

Just because people aren’t in the seats doesn’t mean they aren’t furthering their relationship with the church. When away from regular routines, churchgoers still look online for ways to connect and give. Expand your church’s online presence by staying active on social media and integrating a Facebook giving app on your page.

When you share event invitations and images of the church in action (whether at a Sunday service or out in the community), people look forward to coming back in the fall. The online interactions can also ignite a moment of inspiration. With the Facebook app, people can securely and quickly give to the church.

Beyond a Facebook app, online giving features like text giving are a great way to make the church accessible this summer. Texts have a 45% response rate, and 90% of messages are read. Even when people are far from home, they’re still looking at their phones daily.

2. Get involved in community activities

Getting involved in community activities is a great way to grow the church. Charity walks, farmer’s markets, local fundraisers, and other events are both fun and purposeful. Events such as these give you the opportunity to spread the word about your church to new and old community members that are unfamiliar with it.

And don’t forget to take pictures. Whenever you have members participate in the community, post pictures on social media and your church’s website to engage those that couldn’t attend.

3. Encourage members to invite friends and neighbors

With fewer people attending church, new visitors can actually feel more comfortable. Parking, finding a seat, speaking with other attendees and leaders, and learning about the church’s mission become more approachable. By encouraging churchgoers to invite friends and neighbors, the experience is enhanced even more. With a familiar face by their side, guests feel at home and are more likely to return.

4. Make each service special for new visitors

Summer is the peak moving season with over 20 million Americans packing up and relocating. As new faces arrive in the community, they’ll be searching for everything from restaurants to places of worship. Give all those new faces extra attention and make sure you collect their contact information

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