Has Your Church Taken Advantage of Giving Kiosks Yet?

Has Your Church Taken Advantage of Giving Kiosks Yet?

Consider this scenario: A newcomer attends a church service or outreach event only to discover they need cash or check to donate. Reaching into their wallet, it hits them that they don’t have enough (if any) cash on them, let alone a check. They scramble in search of an ATM, knowing it will cost a few extra dollars to get money out.

Even when someone tells them that they can donate on the church’s website, they would rather give then and there. At this point, it’s really a toss-up if the person ends up giving. The moment that inspired the visitor to donate has passed, and they’ll just bring cash next time or give online later – that is if they remember.

This isn’t an uncommon situation. Especially since 8 in 10 people keep less than $50 cash in their wallet. In fact, roughly half of Americans carry less than $20 in cash daily. With credit and debit cards being the preferred method of payment by the majority of people, it’s crucial that ministries have multiple online giving options available.

The ideal solution? Giving kiosks. Simply place them in the most convenient location in the church or at the event. This allows newcomers and active church members alike to conveniently give on the spot using a card. If your church hasn’t taken advantage of kiosk software yet, here are a few reasons why you should!

Donations increase an average of 16% when using giving kiosks

By adding giving kiosks as an online donation option, most churches see a 16% average increase in gifts. The growth occurs for a combination of reasons.

• First, people donate more when they aren’t confined to just giving the cash they have on them.
• Second, 80% of people use their debit card every day for purchases like gas and groceries, and it has a permanent place in their wallet.
• Third, giving kiosks make it incredibly simple to tithe.

Kiosk software is easy to use and enables new visitors, first-time givers, and regular givers to quickly donate when inspired by services and special events. All you do is select the fund and the donation amount, and swipe the card!

Giving kiosks let your church do so much more than give on-site

While donating on-site is a fantastic feature, giving kiosks provide so much more. Here’s just a rundown of what you can expect when using them.

• People can select from multiple campaigns or a single cause to donate to.
• Volunteers can easily sign up and sign in for events.
• Donors can fill out registration forms and pay for events.
• Churches can quickly create custom registration forms that accept payments.

Giving kiosks simplify organizing generosity campaigns and outreach events because information is easy to capture. Access it directly from your control panel, so you can see how many volunteers you have, who registered for events, and how campaigns are progressing.

Church admin stays in control of reporting and management

Seamlessly manage your kiosk from the web-based control panel. The church admin controls all the settings and can make changes quickly. When making changes online, the giving kiosk is given the command in real time.

You can run a range of reports from the control panel and enjoy easy-to-interpret giving information that is clearly laid out for you in graphs and by trend. Being in control of reporting and management saves church admin time and frustration, and giving kiosks are designed with features that make your life easier!

Ready to increase donations by adding a giving kiosk? Reach out to our friendly professionals at 1-888-778-4843 or send us an email at sales@easytithe.com.

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