3 Summer Church Events that Ignite Generosity!

3 Summer Church Events that Ignite Generosity!

It’s that time of year again! Kids are home for the summer and parents seek fun activities the whole family can enjoy. Often, families look to a local church’s calendar for events to participate in. This is terrific news for churches because studies show that special events inspire a greater connection to the ministry.

But, choosing the right summer event for your church is essential to its success. While there’s no shortage of fun and educational activities to pick from, be sure to select events within budget and make sure you have enough volunteers.

We’ve hand-selected these 3 summer events because they’re customizable for every size church on any size budget. They’re designed to ignite generosity, increase participation, and teach the community about the importance of worship.

1. Vacation Bible School (with a dash of technology)

It’s no surprise that VBS is on the list for summer church events that ignite generosity. It’s one of the most anticipated weeks for kids and parents alike. But, this year, put a new spin on it!

Include technology in the mix by dedicating a Facebook page that shares the event in real time. Post a blog series on the church’s website with interviews and videos from the perspective of kids. Use digital giving technology for VBS outreach events and throughout the week. Set up giving kiosks at check-in stations and include a custom giving page on your website for VBS.

The best part — technology is an affordable and effective way to reach your community. It ignites generosity because it’s incredibly easy to use and people can give whenever and wherever they feel inspired.

2. Summer Carnival

Summer is the ideal time to plan a church carnival. It’s a fun way to get the whole community involved and raise awareness of the church’s mission. Include field day games, a bouncy house, a guest speaker, or whatever fun and educational activities your church family enjoys.

Forty-four percent of church event participants prefer events focused on food and drinks. You can bring in a food truck that serves carnival favorites, grill out hot dogs and hamburgers, or even let people enter a cookoff with prizes. Also, have water at the welcome center to ensure everyone stays hydrated. Get your branded donation page ready and giving kiosks set up, so people can give when inspired!

3. Family Movie Night

Invite the community to experience the church in a new way by hosting a family movie night on the lawn! The first step is choosing a movie that’s uplifting and fun for all ages. Make sure you get a movie license (even if you own the film) because there are penalties due to copyright laws when screening outside the privacy of your home. Fortunately, a movie license is affordable and easy to get!

Once the date is set for the movie night, invite the community through social media, the church’s website, and email. Have a refreshment station set up with popcorn bags, beverages, welcome kits, and a giving kiosk.

Whatever church events you have planned for the summer, include online giving tools. That way, when generosity ignites, it’s quick and easy to give!

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