4 Ways easyTithe Helps Grow Church Attendance

4 Ways easyTithe Helps Grow Church Attendance

Increasing church attendance is hard work. With so many ways to spread the word about your church, efforts can be diluted. Balancing everything from posting on social media to actively engaging with people in the community is only one of the challenges. When you finally see the needle move in the right direction, you must keep up with current communications and add new ways to connect!

We understand it’s no easy feat, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping your church grow. We offer a variety of tools designed to inspire more people to register for events, volunteer, and give! Here we highlight 4 features that add value and ease to giving and growing.

1. Customizable event forms

Studies show that attendance is highest when there are special events planned by the church. Christmas plays, VBS, homecoming, back-to-school outreach events, and potluck dinners grab people’s attention. Our customizable forms are ideal for organizing these events because they’re tailored to your needs at the moment. Plus, they collect vital information, keeping you better connected with attendees.

With easyTithe’s Form feature, you can create a form from scratch by dragging and dropping a range of fields like payment options and personal information. Or, save time and use one of our templates like Children’s Event, Prayer Request, and Contact.

By customizing event forms, your congregation has more giving freedom and you get measurable results. Remember, people tend to give and participate more when they have a sense of purpose. A well-planned event with customized forms provides that.

2. Accurate reporting systems

Church reporting systems help you keep up with those vital numbers so that you know what direction you’re headed in. With this data, you can make the appropriate action plan moving forward. easyTithe’s reports are customizable and provide detailed information like monthly church attendance trends, deposit reports, forecasting, recurring giving, and much (much) more.

Capture a bird’s-eye-view of giving from your dashboard and gather data like number of new donors, how many people gave via text, and the average donation. Break this information down per event, and you’ll notice patterns emerge that show the most successful events and the best dates to have them.

3. Seamless integrations

When church attendance grows, you may find yourself investing in other financial software programs to make the office run more productively. Your online tithing program needs to integrate with that!

Our online giving solution is designed to track the different giving outlets that you use like QuickBooks and PowerChurch. If we don’t currently stream with yours, we’ll simply add it for you. This saves you time, money and hassle, and that’s our number one priority.

4. Features for all church sizes

One essential part of increasing church attendance is tithing software that seamlessly grows with you. Each church is unique in what they require as the number of people in the seats swell. Our platform benefits current, new, and future members because the giving software is enhanced as you transition to the next plan. We create all plans to seamlessly handle the new capacity rather than adding unnecessary complications.

Solutions for small churches ranging from 50-100 attendants to multi-campuses serving over 50,000 are available. And it doesn’t matter where you fall within those numbers—between the extensive features and flexibility, the experience is straightforward and familiar for everyone involved.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to get further details about  easyTithe. Call us at 888-778-4843 or email sales@easytithe.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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