Best Tithing Apps 2021

Best Tithing Apps 2021

Online giving is the 21st century, social-distancing-friendly alternative to “passing the plate.” Implemented well, it can have all of the benefits of promoting healthy, consistent giving. Not all tithing apps are created equally. Since the surge of virtual church services, online small groups and other digital-first options for gathering due to the pandemic, more churches than ever are using options like these. 

Read on to learn from this list from easyTithe about the best tithing apps of 2021, and which ones are best-suited to support giving and growth in your congregation.

Best Church Giving Apps

Here is an overview of some of the most popular church giving apps, compared by feature: is a large company that has app giving and engagement tools for churches and ministries. Their products encompass most of the touchpoints needed for a robust giving system, including creating giving landing pages on websites, templated messaging, reporting features and more. Because it is a hefty software system, it may be ideally suited for churches that have internal IT teams. University is a branch that helps users learn more about the church software, including its giving software and app.


SecureGive offers three plans, one of which is online only. The tithing app comes in either the Enhanced ($149/month) or Premium ($199/month) versions. It does lead with the idea of being useful in multi-campus churches, and can provide separate branding for the giving app for each campus of a large church. It also offers giving campaign resources and management and plans can facilitate 2,000+ transactions a month.


PushPay is a New Zealand based company that offers an array of high-end church software and technology, including a giving app. “Churchstaq” is a comprehensive tech platform for churches and non-profits. PushPay is expensive and the highest priced tithing app of 2021. For churches seeking all of the bells and whistles, and maximum number of software integrations and tools, it may be worth the high ticket price. 


RebelGive is a mobile giving platform, and technically not a giving app. Many churches are drawn to its pricing structure. It does have a moderately priced monthly rate and moderate fee structure. Instead of per-gift fees, it provides flat fees. This can mean a church receives 100% of the app tithe or app gift. The system also has coverage for additional fees, including NSF fees, chargebacks, security fees, PCI fees, etc. It doesn’t have a lot of additional features, but it may integrate with your existing church website.


easyTithe provides powerful online giving tools and a robust Help Center and coaching services. This makes it easy to either integrate a tithing app for the first time, or even switch from one online giving service to another. 

The easyTithe giving app and online giving software features include:

  • More than just payment processing, with easy planning and tools to manage online giving.
  • Church generosity and growth training, with a resources and success program specifically designed for church leaders.
  • Online, kiosk, text or app giving options.
  • A centralized system to organize data, accept all contributions, visualize giving metrics in realtime and accurate reporting for forecasting.

easyTithe is a church giving app, meaning it is specifically designed to meet the needs of giving in a church context.

Bonus: MinistryOne is a full-featured church app that adds even more connection and integration capacity. With any easyTithe plan, you get a 30-day free trial of MinistryOne.

Top Online Giving Companies

When you start to research online giving for your church, a few online giving companies will come up over and over again. There are really only a couple dozen companies that specialize in online or app giving, and even fewer that facilitate this only for faith-based organizations or churches. 

It may be important to you to partner with a faith-based online giving organization and not use a huge, secular platform like PayPal or Stripe. Consider that as you look for a new church giving app, or consider what giving software features and support you hope to receive.

When you are looking for a tithing app, another key criteria to look out for is whether they also offer web-based giving.

Church Website Giving 

Even if your church does use a giving app, it’s likely that you’ll have people who also want to give online. Most apps are developed in a way that also allows people to give through a website. Some of the easiest ways to implement church website giving include 

If you know that your congregation is going to want this option, be sure to only sign up for a church giving app that offers it.

Support Giving Through an App: easyTithe Makes it Easy

easyTithe’s online giving software supports congregations nationwide. We recognize that churches have unique needs, and we are a mission-minded company that works to implement the right features and processes for churches of every size. It is important to us that you are well-served, so we offer modest fees, transparent pricing models and ongoing support, whenever you need it. We are proud that easyTithe is among the best tithing apps, and continues to be a valuable service for churches that are building God’s kingdom. Get started for free.

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