Top Blog Posts of 2018

Top Blog Posts of 2018

Last year, we shared a lot of useful information and helpful tips designed to ignite generosity and make admin life easier. While there was a range of articles to dive into, we wanted to narrow down the ones that our readers enjoyed the most. In case you missed them (or you want to reread them!) here are the top blog articles of 2018.

#1: 10 Fresh Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

There’s always room for new gift ideas to thank your pastor! Tuck this article away for this year’s Pastor Appreciation Day or anytime you want to show gratitude to church leaders. And don’t worry—we’ll have even more ideas for you this year.

#2: The Top Ways to Prevent Giving Fraud at Your Church

Giving fraud is an important topic that we covered last year. In our article, we highlighted real-life scenarios of giving fraud at the church and the best prevention techniques. We also shared fraud prevention features that church online giving platforms shouldn’t be without.

#3: Time-Saving Tips to Organize Giving Data in the New Year

Saving time is at the top of the list whether it’s the new year or not! Here’s an excellent read for churches that want to more effectively use online giving technology to organize and analyze giving data—and save time while doing it! Before you collect another piece of giving data, be sure you check out these tips.

#4: 5 Simple, Strategic Tips for Yearly Planning

Planning for ministry is no easy feat. But, it’s much easier when you have a clear vision of what you’d like to accomplish. Because taking those first steps can be the hardest part, we created this article with simple tips to help you get started.

#5: Your Ultimate Back-to-Church Checklist

Church attendance fluctuates throughout the year. One season that seats noticeably fill up is in the fall when summer vacations are ending, and kids are heading back to school. The ultimate checklist covers all the bases, so your church is ready for the uptick in attendance. This article isn’t just great for the fall though. Apply the checklist any month your church is expecting participation to increase.

We look forward to providing your church with even more helpful tips and information in 2019! If you have any questions or want to learn more, call 1-888-4843 or email

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January 9th, 2019


Top Blog Posts

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