10 Fresh Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

10 Fresh Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation Day is on October 14th and October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While you should appreciate your pastor throughout the year, this month is a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude for all they do.

Nearly 90% of pastors work over 45 hours a week and at all hours of the day (and night!). Because your own life gets busy, you may not always notice how much time they put towards furthering the vision of the church.

Whether this is your first year participating in Pastor Appreciation Day or you look forward to it every October, we have some fresh gift ideas for you.

1. Create a scrapbook of memories

Your pastor has done so much over the years as a spiritual leader. Why not create a scrapbook that captures those memories! Your church can purchase an album to add pictures and notes too, or you can make one from scratch.

Ask the pastor’s family to provide meaningful pictures and news clippings of their career. Include photos of members in front of the church and during outreach events. Add notes of appreciation throughout the scrapbook to personalize it even more.

2. Plan a potluck meal followed by a special prayer

There’s something about a potluck meal that makes a celebration more inviting. Gather a list of the pastor’s favorite dishes, sides, and desserts and have church members sign up to bring one. Follow the meal with a special prayer dedicated to your pastor. Be sure you bring plenty of Tupperware and send the pastor and their family home with all the leftovers!

3. Update technology for the church

Technology can make a pastor’s job much easier because it saves time and helps keep everything organized. If your church struggles with obstacles like an old computer and sound systems, collect funds to update and replace them. Have everyone sign a card to present with the gift.

4. Perform a church skit or song

Get all age groups involved to sing a song or perform a skit. Choose your pastor’s favorite song or message and invite the whole community to watch. Record the song or skit and post it on social media and your website.

5. Sponsor a family day out

Pastors are pulled in many directions as they lead the church, and this can often distract from those precious moments of family time.

Sponsor a family day out for the pastor that includes fun gift cards and activities for the entire family to enjoy. Consider offering free babysitting at the end of the day, so the pastor and his wife can also enjoy a date night.

6. Make a gift card tree

Encourage church members to bring gift cards for movie tickets, restaurants, grocery stores, and more, and make a tree out of them. If you want to freshen up the idea, ask the pastor’s family what they enjoy doing most. Then, tailor the gift cards to that theme. For instance, if they love to fish, provide gifts cards to places like sporting goods stores and seafood restaurants.

7. Present a beautiful plaque to display

Your pastor spends a lot of time in his office whether it’s at home or in the church. An eye-pleasing and personalized plaque makes a wonderful addition. Many churches enjoy redecorating their pastor’s office to show appreciation. This year go one step further and add a special plaque to their shelves or hang one on the wall. Or, simply present the personalized plaque for them to display on their desk.

8. Use sticky-notes to create a scavenger hunt

Put clues on sticky-notes that guide the pastor on a scavenger hunt throughout the church. Leave the first clue on their desk and give them directions to follow the sticky-notes to locate their appreciation gift. Have different members write the clues out with a side-note sharing how the pastor has impacted their lives.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, there should be a token of generosity from the congregation whether it’s a monetary gift, plaque, or another item.

9. Write a blog post about the pastor

Write a heartfelt blog about the pastor and publish it on your blog. Ask your congregation to comment on the post sharing why they appreciate the pastor. Encourage everyone to share the post with friends on social media and extend an invitation to others, so your pastor has a full house for the following the Sunday service.

10. Give a personalized gift basket

When presenting a gift basket, go above and beyond those that are pre-made. Include handmade treats and crafts from your church family and wrap each treat in a fun way. Include a message from the person that made the specific item, so each time your pastor unwraps it, they get a little extra expression of gratitude.

Want even more Pastor Appreciation Day Ideas?

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