The Ultimate 10-Step Checklist for Year-End Giving

The Ultimate 10-Step Checklist for Year-End Giving

To help you stay organized and refine your Year-End Giving Campaign, we’ve created the ultimate checklist! 

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals  

Set Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals. 

  1. Analyze Past Year Results  

Look at last year’s numbers to help set goals and gain insight into giving patterns. 

  1. Choose Your Team  

Make a list of volunteers, administration members, and anyone that is helping or involved with the Year-End Giving Campaign. 

  1. Budget Your Campaign  

Budgeting is important, so make a list of expenses for the giving campaign.  

  1. Choose Your Narrative  

Decide how you are going to send out your message. Examples are email, mobile, text, traditional mail, and phone. 

  1. Create Content  

Identify those you are trying to reach and have a plan for writing genuine ask and thank you letters. 

  1. Assign Team Members to Responsibilities  

Make sure everyone has a set role and knows what their responsibilities are. 

  1. Decide How You Are Going to Communicate  

Choose how and when you are going to communicate with your team. 

  1. Set a Timeline  

Turn big goals into smaller, attainable tasks, and set a strict timeline to follow.  

  1. Track Progress and Learn from Your Experience  

Keep detailed records of progress and note the experience and use this information to fine-tune giving campaigns for your church in the future. 

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