How to Use Facebook to Ignite Generosity

How to Use Facebook to Ignite Generosity

There’s no doubt about it—Facebook is BUSY! With over 1.47 billion active users logging in daily and 2.23 billion logging in monthly, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media channel. And it’s not just for younger generations. All generations scroll through their Facebook feed on phones, tablets, and computers.

With all the traffic, Facebook is a great way for churches to interact with the community. But, rising above the noise can be a challenge. With an effective Facebook strategy, your church can increase giving and further your vision. Here we show you how to use Facebook to ignite generosity and keep the momentum going.

Let Facebook visitors experience your church

Your church provides an experience that’s unlike others. Sharing that experience on Facebook helps your church connect on a deeper level with the community. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, and here are a few ideas to help.

  • Create Facebook groups for Bible study classes, Friday family nights, and more to build engagement throughout the week.
  • Keep interactions fresh and promptly engage with those that reach out.
  • Post images and videos of your church in action at outreach events, volunteering in the community, and on mission trips.
  • Share relevant Facebook posts that align with your church’s vision like a beautiful rendition of a favorite hymn.
  • Highlight calendar events and invite people to share them with friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family.

Beyond what’s listed above, don’t hesitate to try new things. A Facebook prayer group, a weekly digital devotional, and a video featuring real stories from volunteers are excellent ways to show the experience the church provides.

Add a Facebook giving app to your page

When sharing your church with others on Facebook, expect them to get inspired! A photo series of volunteers repairing homes for natural disaster victims, a picture of the youth program traveling in a new van, and a video of the choir practicing before an outreach event all ignite generosity.

A Facebook giving app allows givers to donate to the church’s page from their own Facebook home screen during this moment of inspiration. The app easily integrates with your church’s Facebook page and tracking and reporting is simple.

Create a consistent posting schedule

It takes time to cultivate an active and engaging Facebook page. One of the best ways to achieve this is through a consistent posting schedule. Before attending church, members and new visitors search for you online. In some cases, your Facebook page is going to rank higher than your website. Other times, people prefer using Facebook to find a church to visit.

With a consistent posting schedule, new visitors notice recent church activity rather than dated posts. Current churchgoers get to experience fresh content and have more opportunities to get involved as new calendar events and activities pop up. Even consistently posting once or twice a week encourages participation which leads to an increase in giving and membership, and keeps the momentum going off and online!

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