Here’s What’s New—easyTithe’s June 2020 Release Roundup

Here’s What’s New—easyTithe’s June 2020 Release Roundup

Each month, our product team releases new functionality for our giving platform. In June, we released thoughtful enhancements designed to improve the giver and admin experience. These features are driven by feedback from the churches we gratefully serve! 

Check out what’s new at easyTithe (and what’s coming soon).

Filter Reset

Now, there’s an option to reset filters in Transactions and Recurring Gifts.  

Donor Help Link

Givers that want additional guidance on how to give can click “Need Help?” to access step-by-step video tutorials. Feel free to view the giver-facing tutorials and share them with your congregation!

Prompt Recurring Gifts

Enable the option to prompt givers to turn a one-time gift into a recurring gift. You configure how many times the person gives before seeing this message. 

Non Pay Quantity Options

Limit the number of people that can sign up for events, purchase t-shirts, and more by setting a Total Quantity in the Dropdown, Radio button, and Checkbox fields.

9 Dot Options

Use 9 Dot to log in or sign up for platforms that integrate with giving and further ministry. Take a minute to learn more!

Be on the lookout for our July 2020 Release Roundup with more helpful updates and the latest developments. 

Ready to test the latest updates for yourself? Try easyTithe for a FREE trial or learn more by calling 1-888-778-4843 and pressing #1.

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