Boost Your Summer Giving by Going Mobile!

Boost Your Summer Giving by Going Mobile!

As the temperatures go up, church attendance and event participation, unfortunately, start to decline. In fact, churches see an average decline in attendance of 23% in June and 34% in July. This dip in attendance lends itself to a dip in giving, with most churches seeing between a 13% and 20% decline in the amount of donations they receive during the summer months.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your summer sermons are or how full the activity schedule is; churchgoers will still take vacations—as well they should! However, just because your members are out of town shouldn’t mean they’re out of touch with your church.

It’s Time to Go Mobile

Twenty years ago, cash and checks were the tools you used to pay for everything. And that’s why you could expect people to drop checks in the offering box. However, times are changing and most people aren’t carrying checks and cash around on a regular basis anymore. But that’s okay because it’s hard to reach vacationing members with an offering plate anyway.

Today’s technology allows churches to turn mobile devices into a channel of generosity by reaching givers wherever they might be. And there is no better way to do this than with fast and easy mobile giving options, such as mobile app giving. In the past 10 years, smartphones have become a part of everyday life. In fact, recent studies show that 77% of Americans now own a smartphone. Ask anyone what’s the one thing that they can’t live without – chances are that their phone will be at the top of the list!

Currently, 20% of all US retail sales take place on mobile devices; this number is expected to jump to 28% by 2018. Think about that. In a year, over a quarter of all retail sales in America will happen through mobile technology. It makes sense. People use their phones every day to buy concert tickets, book reservations, pay bills, and, you guessed it, make charitable donations.

Over the past year alone, mobile charitable giving has increased by an impressive 205%. When it comes encouraging giving, convenience goes a long way. Try using a solution such as easyTithe’s mobile giving app to connect members to your ministry even when they’re traveling. Your members might not feel like lugging around a laptop with them on vacation, but chances are that they will have their phones nearby. By offering your members a mobile giving option, you’re connecting your ministry and church giving to the platform that people have with them, and on them, at all times.

Since many of your members are already using mobile to find information, make purchases, and pay their bills, it only makes sense to incorporate church giving there as well. Studies report that people check their phones in excess of 100 times a day. That means there are opportunities every day to reach and engage your givers through their mobile devices!

Need help finding a giving solution that will enable your donors to give on the go this summer? Every easyTithe plan includes our iOS and Android online giving app. Contact us today for innovative mobile giving that fits your church’s needs!

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