5 Ways to Increase Giving In Your Church 

5 Ways to Increase Giving In Your Church 

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Anytime you approach the topic of giving (especially increasing giving in your church) it can be a sensitive conversation. As we discuss ways to increase giving, what we’re really talking about is how to help people live out the biblical principles of generosity.  

A crucial part of following Jesus is stewarding our money according to his teachings. Giving and generosity are a major part of that. Here are 5 ways to increase generosity and giving in your church: 

1. Provide a Recurring Gift Option. 

Setting up a recurring gift option is one of the best ways to increase giving in your church. People choose the frequency of the gift such as weekly or monthly, the amount, and the preferred payment method. Then, the gift is automatically given on a regular basis. 

Make sure this is a simple process for people that allows givers to edit or end their recurring gifts should they need to. Additionally, make sure to avoid steps like filling out paper forms as this decreases the adoption of recurring giving. 

2. Enable Multiple Ways to Give. 

According to Pew Research Center, only 14% of people use cash in a typical week. That’s why it’s important to provide multiple ways to give beyond physical gifts (checks & cash). People are more likely to give consistently when their preferred payment method is accepted. 

Here are some ways we recommend ensuring diverse methods of giving: online forms, text giving, mobile app, credit cards, debit cards, ACH, digital wallet (google pay, PayPal wallet, etc), QR code, kiosk. 

3. Cast Vision. 

Do your people know why they give and what they’re giving to? Casting a vision for a culture of generosity helps people see the big picture and how they can play their part. 

Make it clear to people the ministry you are doing and the ministry you hope to do. Help people see the resources required and how they can participate. This empowers people not only to give out of obedience but also out of excitement for what’s happening at your church. In turn, this can help to increase giving in your church. 

4. Teach on Giving and Generosity.

Talking about money isn’t very high on most pastors’ “favorite things to teach on” list. Still, it’s important to teach biblical truths about money and generosity. To encourage you, Jesus taught often about money and possessions. As it was then, it’s still an important part of life and being a disciple of Jesus.  

As a best practice, look to include at least one teaching (whether a full sermon or a smaller teaching moment) per quarter addressing how we think about and handle money. 

5. Personal Financial Training.

Oftentimes, people don’t give because they struggle to manage their finances. They may have a large amount of debt or just don’t know what to do with what comes in. 

Provide free teaching to help people grow in managing their finances. While this encourages generosity and helps increase giving in your church, the real win is giving the gift of financial health to people. 

Increasing giving in your church and enabling generosity is no small task. However, it’s incredibly important for the health of your people, the health of your church, and the vitality of your mission. 

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