5 Tips to Improve Donor Communication During December

5 Tips to Improve Donor Communication During December

During the holidays, you may find that reaching donors becomes increasingly difficult. This is due to the large influx of requests that they receive from multiple organizations that are also trying to fund their year-end campaigns. Though it’s challenging, and you may feel like you need a bullhorn to be heard, there are a few things that you can do to improve your donor communication
and differentiate your message from the multitude of others floating around this time of year. 

1. Create a Sense of Urgency
Too many times organizations send out generic messages that fail to create a sense of urgency among potential donors. So before writing “It’s that time of year again…” or “The holidays are upon us…,” ask yourself why a donor would be compelled to give at that moment. Instead, start by telling them what you are already doing to make a difference and how you’d like to accomplish even more to compel donors to take more immediate action.

2. Don’t Forget the “Ask”
Personal stories serve as effective tools to reach donors on an emotional level and to demonstrate how you are making a difference in the community. Sometimes, however, organizations focus so much on the story that they actually forget to ask people to give. Make sure that you clearly define what you want donors to do and you’ll reduce the risk of losing their attention.

3. Create a Multi-Channel Approach
Many churches and organizations only send one email to donors during their entire year-end giving communication campaign. In order to truly reach and engage your audience, you need to send multiple messages through multiple channels, such as letters, emails, and social media. Making a communications schedule also helps to ensure that you have compelling content flowing throughout the month to keep donors interested and involved.

4. Be Sincere
If your messages are coming off as stiff or disingenuous, potential donors are more likely to ignore them. Remember, you are not the only organization blowing up their inboxes this time of year, so make sure your messages are interesting and compelling. Share how donations have ultimately helped you to help those in need and you will form an emotional connection with donors that will last well into the new year.

5. Make Sure to Follow-up
Imagine how you’d feel if you meticulously selected an organization to give to and then only heard from when they were asking for donations again. Maybe the word “slighted” comes to mind? Make sure to send follow-up messages thanking those who’ve contributed, and share how your organization was able to help others because of their generosity. Your heartfelt appreciation will inspire a spirit of giving and will help your mission to flourish for years to come.

Before starting any giving campaign, remember that donors simply want to know why they should help, how they can help, and how their contributions will be used. Keep this in mind as you begin to connect with potential donors and you will be able to cut through the all of the noise and make sure that your message is heard.

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