How Church Offering Software Will Make Your Life Easier

How Church Offering Software Will Make Your Life Easier

Making administrative tasks easier at your church will let your team focus on putting faith in action and achieving the goals of your ministry. For many churches, receiving consistent donations is one of the most common concerns, as it’s a major source of funding to maintain your organization. Fortunately, these days it’s easier than ever to improve the number of donations your church receives thanks to digital church offering software.

Equipping your community with the modern tools they crave is essential for growth, Kingdom expansion and ease of operation throughout your church.

Whether you need an upgrade to existing digital giving solutions or you want to start using the best online giving for small churches, easyTithe has all the features you need. Start making life at your church easier today with the help of our online giving platform.

What is Church Giving Software?

A church giving software (or online giving platform) is a set of digital tools that allows churches and faith-based organizations to accept donations electronically. By equipping the congregation with more convenient methods for them to give, donation software helps churches broaden the generosity throughout their community. 

Electronic Giving for Churches: How Does it Work?

Online giving works in the same way people are familiar with making payments over the internet in their daily lives. By simply entering one’s credit/debit card or bank information, a person can submit their donations directly to their church. 

By filling out a custom form online, opening a mobile giving app or paying once through a digital kiosk, anyone can donate to your church with the click of a button. Online giving is swift, simple and helpful to givers of all ages. It’s one of the most widely used methods of giving today— nearly 60% of givers prefer to make donations online.

Ways a Church Giving App Will Improve Your Church

Now that you know how online giving platforms work, let’s discuss the ways in which these apps can improve your church.

1. Make Giving Accessible to More People

The most profound way a church offering software helps your church is that it makes giving accessible to all. Whether someone is a first-time visitor or a long-term member of your congregation, online giving makes it easy to heed the inspired action to donate. 

With platforms such as easyTithe Pro, donations can be made to specific ministries and seamlessly tracked over time. Instead of putting a check in the offering plate to never see where it ends up, a giver can designate their gift to a specific cause within your church and track their receipts throughout the year, witnessing the impact it had.

2. Further Reach Your Community

With the various social regulations set in place since 2020, it’s less common for large groups of people to gather in person. Churches have had to go digital, delivering sermons and Bible studies over the internet. Without digital giving options, the tithes and offerings throughout your church may have waned dramatically. Thankfully, church giving platforms allow people to give any time, from anywhere. 

3. Enhance Generosity with Automation 

Now your church attendees can choose to set automatic, recurring payments to ensure they meet their faithful generosity standards. 

Tithing is a spiritually devoted practice. Although many people wish to give a portion of their income weekly or monthly, it’s far too easy to forget the gesture when life gets busy. When givers have the option to set up ongoing automatic payments of their preferred amount, they help enhance the overall giving throughout your church. You’ll see more consistent donations and an increase in giving as a result.

4. Make Better Decisions with the Help of Data

Secure your admin processes even further with digital giving platforms by setting up the fund management and tracking system you’ve always needed. With bank-level security, your staff can view donation data in real-time and visualize the highs and lows of your church funds throughout the year. 

With the help of a church offering software, you can:

  • Designate where funds go
  • Enhance the productivity of your staff
  • Create custom reports 
  • Set smarter fundraising goals
  • Apply data to your email campaigns for greater success
  • Generate greater wealth throughout your organization to help your community

5. Nurture Connections with Text-to-Give

Giving platforms aren’t limited to internet payments. Text-to-Donate allows the giver to send offerings directly from their cell phones. This feature is a great way to nurture communication with those who give at your church. Grow your phone list, send special holiday announcements and reply to donations immediately with text messages of gratitude.

Looking to set up a church online giving platform to make life easier for leaders and your congregation? Get a free demo of easyTithe today. We help thousands of churches increase their donations, strengthen their communities and spread their ministries with the digital tools they need to thrive.

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