How Church Giving Apps Work

How Church Giving Apps Work

People attend church because they want to connect with what gives their life meaning. Amid unavoidable chaos in the world, faith plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and peace of mind many seek. People who honor their church home want to give back and help the ministries they’ve been so helped by. In a digital-first world, taking the time to donate by cash or check isn’t the most feasible way to pay it forward. That’s why it’s important to provide multiple giving options, like church giving apps.

Digital offering apps are a godsend for churches across the country, especially during trying times. If the purpose of the church is to welcome visitors and help members wherever they’re at, it’s no question that digital spaces must be included. 

Generosity on the Go 

Imagine someone is enjoying a Sunday sermon when they feel inspired by God to give from the generosity of their heart. As the offering basket arrives, they realize they don’t have any cash. They discreetly pull out their phone and check the church’s website to see if there’s a way to donate online, but the web page is slow, outdated, and frustrating to navigate. I wish there was an easier way to give to my church, they think, as they soon forget about giving at all.

Church giving apps allow people to give wherever they are, whenever they want. Whether in church, at home, or having brunch with their local Bible study, a believer’s goal to give tithes and offerings can be easy, fast, and seamless. 

Why Mobile Giving Apps Work so Well

More than 70% of smartphone users make purchases online directly from their phones. Going digital is a necessity in today’s culture, and the pace is only speeding up. 

Most people now prefer to donate online, whether that be from their computers or with a single tap in a mobile app. Overall, technology is massively changing the way people give. Online giving not only saves time, but also encourages generosity, ensures privacy and security, streamlines recurring donations, and allows accurate financial reporting. 

Since many people prefer to give online, how exactly do in-app offerings work? And how are they benefiting churches? 

Church Offering App Features for Donors

The people donating to church ministries want easy-to-use features that allow them to give online. Here are the top benefits that apps such as easyTithe are providing.

Instant One-Time Donations

Guests who are new or visiting church come from all walks of life. Although they may only be temporary visitors, they may still be compelled to give. A giving app allows them to smoothly give the one-time donation of their preferred gift amount, stress-free. 

Recurring Giving 

Regular church members value consistency. With options to manage recurring gifts, tithes and offerings can be set to a monthly or weekly automatic payment for ease and convenience. 

Free Download and Sign-Up

For regular givers, setting up a mobile giving app on their phones is free. It doesn’t cost them anything to download or sign up, and they can begin using the app to give immediately. They simply enter their information and choose their giving preferences, which are saved within the app for next time.

Giving History 

People who choose to use a giving app regularly can view past gift amounts, observe their giving insights, and receive email receipts for financial reports. 

Personalized Tithes and Offerings

Sometimes, churchgoers wish to donate to specific charities or causes within their home church. With church giving apps, individuals can choose which programs or ministries they want to donate to. If a special missions trip, fundraiser, or event is receiving funds, it’s easy to find and give directly in apps such as easyTithe

Leadership Benefits of Having a Mobile Giving App

Church donation apps work to help leadership and staff, too. Choosing a giving platform that offers technical support and training can boost the overall operations of the platform. Here are some of the ways mobile giving can improve both leadership responsibility and the growth of the church.

Tracking and Reporting

Many leadership teams use paper-based or hard drive-dependent systems to organize and track the money they receive. Setting up a digital giving platform that allows churchgoers to give through an app enables leaders to view the data, manage finances, and make better decisions when it comes to budgets and financial management.

Fees Can Be Paid by Donors

Online giving platforms come with small transaction fees. With easyTithe, you can give donors the option to charitably cover the processing fee of their payment. This option automatically calculates the additional percentage amount and processes at the same time as the donation.

Data Integration 

In-app giving software allows data integration for your church’s management team. Existing software — such as SimpleChurch CRM, Breeze, and ACS Technologies — readily connect to easyTithe for the most effective donation management experience.

Full-Featured Church App 

The easyTithe online giving solutions platform includes smart additions for other church features. Some of these include:

  • Event registration
  • Online church media access
  • Specified donations 
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • And more

Where Do Church App Donations Go?

Once people donate to your church using a church giving app, the funds go to your church’s bank account. Debit/credit card transactions are usually available the next business day, barring bank holidays or weekends, and electronic ACH transfers are completed within several days.

How to Set Up a Church Giving App 

If your church needs a digital solution for improving donations, setting up an online platform that offers in-app giving is the wisest decision. At easyTithe, we offer free initial signup and free demos. Join easyTithe today to get started with the best church offering app that works for your church.

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March 4th, 2022


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