Here’s What’s New—easyTithe’s May 2019 Release Roundup

Here’s What’s New—easyTithe’s May 2019 Release Roundup

Each month, our product team releases new functionality for our giving platform. In May, we released thoughtful enhancements designed to improve the giver and admin experience. These features are driven by feedback from the churches we gratefully serve! Check out what’s new at easyTithe (and what’s coming soon).

Virtual Terminal Changes

Our virtual terminal is ideal for churches with donors that want to give with a card or echeck, but don’t like going online or using a mobile device to do so. Instead, they prefer to fill out a donation form with their card information and let the church do the rest. In the virtual terminal, you can now save new payment methods and select pre-loaded saved payment methods to give on behalf of a donor.

Improved Campus Management

Our goal is to reduce the burden and time spent organizing data when managing multiple campuses. Here are 2 of our latest enhancements that help!

#1: Editing campuses

Editing campuses is done in Campus Management. A pop up will open, allowing you to edit the campus name and generating a new URL. Don’t worry—if you accidentally duplicate a campus name, you’ll be prompted to enter a unique name instead.

#2: Sorting campuses

Adjust the order that campuses are listed by dragging and dropping them. Donors will see  campuses listed in that order on your giving page.

Better Donor Profile Editing

Information changes all the time, and it can be challenging to keep up! We’ve made it easier by improving where admins can edit donor profiles. Managers can now edit information directly from the donor’s page, rather than having to go back to the main donor list. Plus, the donor’s campus can also be modified in that same location.

Void Insights

Admins could always see gifts that were approved or declined, but we wanted to provide managers with a better overview of donations. Now, voided transactions are available to view on the “Transactions” page within the admin portal.

Updated Failure Alerts

Recurring givers don’t always realize their card isn’t up to date. Now, when a recurring gift doesn’t go through due to an expired or declined card, donors receive a confirmation email with “Recurring Online Donation Declined” in the subject line rather than simply “Recurring Online Donation.”

Coming Soon!

We’re looking forward to integrating with Rock RMS in the near future. Rock RMS is a popular ChMS because it’s focused on ministry-powering innovations like relationship management.

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