How to Inspire the Different Types of Giving Personalities

Churches everywhere are preparing for the increase in generosity around the holidays. Last year, 25% of overall giving for faith-based organizations happened in November and December, and online giving grew in December for the second year in a row.

5 Online Giving Features from easyTithe You May Not Be Using (but should!)

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The most charitable season is right around the corner, and it’s the ideal time for churches and faith-based groups to enhance their online giving campaigns. Online giving grew by 7.9% last year, and the rise in generosity has already been noticed in 2017.

Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day With These Creative Gift Ideas!

pastor appreciation day thank you note

Pastor Appreciation Day is October 8th, and there are many creative ways to show gratitude for church leaders on Sunday and throughout the month! Each church is unique in honoring the pastor and this important position within the church, and we’re here to help you find the perfect gift to show appreciation.

5 Techniques to Make the Most of Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

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If your church has joined the generosity movement of #GivingTuesday, then you have a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about your church and all the good it does for your community. Because such a strong emphasis is put on social media and online giving during this day, you can expand your reach beyond those that walk through your doors.

Are You Ready to Launch on #GivingTuesday? Here’s a Checklist to Find Out!

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Churches and faith-based organizations across the globe are getting ready to participate in #GivingTuesday, and it’s no wonder! With the focus placed on generosity instead of shopping for a moment, it can be a nice break and sound reminder about the true meaning of the Christmas season

Is Your Church Attendance Growing? 5 Ways easyTithe can Help!

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It is hard work getting church attendance up, and you have probably been doing everything to get the word out from sending invitations to actively engaging with people. And if you finally see the needle move in the right direction, let us be the first to say congratulations!

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